Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Flattening the Curve, Day 6

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Friends, the caption for the image in the magazine spread above states "Here 15 islandlike rocks are so arranged in a sea of raked sand that some always remain hidden from any vantage point, suggesting life's mysteries." If there ever were a time in our lives when that which is hidden has been revealed then this is that time.

Hello. How are things with you today? Me? It's day number 6 of my mandatory leave from my job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and I am still feeling well.

Yesterday, March 23rd, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued an executive order directing us to Stay Home, Stay Safe. Apparently, after the closure of schools and a ban of consumption of food and drink at food establishments, some of my fellow Oregonians were not adhering to the social distancing rules and were crowding beaches and State Parks on the coast and other places around the state. So the purpose of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order "is to reduce person-to-person interaction with the goal of slowing transmission."

In light of the current situation I have been filling my quarantine time with projects around the house that I would normally do on any given weeknight or weekend and trying to stay focused on what can be done rather than on what can't be done. However I will say that attempting to get any business taken care of amongst the chaos is very frustrating with phone lines down and emailing a slow process. But I am very grateful for all the people that remain at their jobs, working via those modes of communication, and their diligence in keeping systems going as best as they can under these grave circumstances.

As I mentioned in my post on day 2, I am working on a type of collage journal using images cut from 1970s National Geographic magazines (like that above) as inspiration for the journal pages. The 1970s were my coming of age years and many of the images resonate with me, evoking memories and feelings of growing up in that time. I hope to share some photos of the pages I've created thus far, as soon as there is enough sun here in the Willamette Valley for photography! I am so glad I have something to focus on while I am staying home and doing what I can to flatten the curve.

Won't you join me?


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