Friday, January 31, 2014


Find Your Wings And Fly

The last day of January is still considered the New Year, right?

Meaning, it's still about the resolutions, the change that comes from within - or is that revolution? How about a formal intention to fundamentally change?  We can become what we intend  - a little bit each day, each week, each year. Find Your Wings and Fly is a visual reminder of what is important to me and my way of making my goals for this year tangible... photography and making scrapbooks, painting and collage.   

Blogging.  A new world.  I follow several. Fantastic women who create.  Now, I'm joining...

Here's my introduction:

Those who know me and have seen my studio know that I am one of those people who has many interests and many projects that I work on; sometimes several at once and at other times one project exclusively.

What I hope to bring to this blog is a showcase of my unique passions and talents, which include collecting vintage, art making and art history, photography, memory keeping, and books that interest me,  all with (sometimes) a bit of Asian aesthetic thrown in.

And a bit of philosophy:

From our human pursuit of those artistic elements of life (think cloud formations or the patterns and colors of a brick floor, or the angle of a banister on a staircase) that so many of us must heed, to those things which entice us and draw us in (a piece of art, photographing someone you love, or a Bach Concerto), things that move us in a myriad of directions as we simultaneously move through life...these moments which cause us to see the whole world in a grain of sand, and allow us to take that deep breath, reflect, and create; moments to live for...
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