Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vintage Tea Treasures: An Etsy Shop Update

Etsy vintage, Etsy seller, vintage Etsy, Etsy, vintage Fred Robert Company teacup and saucer, vintage Fred Robert Company San Francisco, vintage Noritake Rose China teacup, saucer and cake plate set, vintage midcentury Santa Anita Ware 'Vreni' coffeepot

Hi Everyone! It's a new month and a few more tea treasures have been added to my Etsy shop, and so that calls for a Vintage Tea Treasures update. 

The coffeepot on the left is a classic midcentury work of modern art. During the 1950's the Santa Anita Potteries in Los Angeles, California had their top stylist, Swiss designer Vreni Wawra, create a line of ceramic table ware that I'm sure you will agree is as timeless in its function, as it also is in style. Signed by the designer, this unique piece is surely a conversation starter!

Did you know that during the United States' occupation of Japan after World War II, the Noritake China Company was called Rose China? In the background is an on-trend white china trio, consisting of a footed teacup, saucer and cake plate, which features an elegant gold trim, and is backstamped 'Rose China' and 'Made in Occupied Japan'. The stamp itself includes greenery and a pretty rose. There are three trio sets available in the shop.

In the foreground is another example of fine Japanese ceramic craftsmanship: a delicate floral teatime duo by the Fred Roberts Company, featuring a beautiful tapered teacup. The Fred Roberts Company was a San Francisco, California based importer. Priced at just $15.00 plus shipping, this set is perfect for the lover of vintage chintz!

For all the details about any of these items, including sizes, prices and shipping costs, visit Vintage Tea Treasures on Etsy.

And as always, thank you for visiting Under The Plum Blossom Tree, and Vintage Tea Treasures!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Styling A Vintage Hutch: The Christmas Season

James Mont Chinoiserie Hutch, Chinoiserie hutch, how to style a James Mont chinoiserie style hutch, styling the Christmas season

Hi Friends! Ever since I purchased a limed oak James Mont chinoiserie-style hutch last spring, I've been wanting to style it on a regular basis and share it here with you on this blog.

As it happened, 'Life got in the way', as it often does, and for the most part this hutch became a repository for various tea ware items offered in my Etsy shopWhile that's still true to some extent, this is my first attempt at purposefully arranging the collectibles in my hutch in a manner that more characteristically reflects who I am. After giving it some thought, I decided that a good approach would be styling through the use of pieces that vary in type, shape, and size, yet are still consistent in color and style. Luckily, I collect a huge variety of 'stuff', and I thought that picking items with my styling decisions in mind would be a fun challenge for myself!

James Mont chinoiserie limed oak hutch, vintage James Mont chinoiserie limed oak hutch, vintage chinoiserie hutch, styling a vintage chinoiserie hutch

Choosing a color scheme of white, green and red, and a Christmas or seasonal theme, using all vintage items provided a consistent look. And having a variety of items - plates and teacups and saucers that vary in shape, size, and manufacturer - helped to tie together a miscellaneous collection of fun Christmas kitsch, such as the Santa mugs, elves and guest card holders (like the small 'Mrs. Claus' figurine), into a harmonious whole. Adding a touch of the modern world is a great way to bridge the past with the present; the paper fans (purchased at a Target department store) and the poinsettia plant displayed alongside a vintage teapot on the very top of the hutch help to accomplish that.

Here are a few close up shots, one from each shelf:

James Mont Chinoiserie Hutch, Chinoiserie hutch, how to style a James Mont chinoiserie style hutch, styling the Christmas season
James Mont Chinoiserie Hutch, Chinoiserie hutch, how to style a James Mont chinoiserie style hutch, styling the Christmas season
James Mont Chinoiserie Hutch, Chinoiserie hutch, how to style a James Mont chinoiserie style hutch, styling the Christmas season

I enjoy recording family memories, and took these photographs on Christmas Eve as part of a holiday story for a pocket photo album project. And now that I have taken down all of the Christmas decorations, and also begun putting away most of the items pictured, I realized that the photos I had taken were the beginnings of a new blog post series on styling a vintage hutch! And now, I can begin the process of figuring out what will go on these shelves next. What fun!

Thanks for reading. Soon, I hope to be able to once again share another post featuring the styling of my vintage James Mont hutch.


Monday, January 2, 2017

#collectandstyle - December Monthly Favorite

slcook52 on Instagram, Sylvia Cook on Instagram, Sylvia Cook image

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for visiting Under The Plum Blossom Tree blog - I'm so glad you're here for this last #collectandstyle Monthly Favorite of 2016! I can't believe I have managed to write a blog post for each of the chosen monthly images since starting this hashtag project on Instagram back in April. On the other hand, it is your support of the tag that keeps me going and I thank you for that. I plan on continuing the project throughout 2017, despite all the everyday challenges of life, work and family.

The traditional vintage blown-glass Christmas ornament, or bauble as some like to call it, is for many of us not a mere trinket, but part of our 'why' when we celebrate the holiday season. We appreciate them for their beauty and craftsmanship. We love them because they are a part of our family heritage. And when collected, they create within us feelings of nostalgia - for our childhoods, for tradition, and for remembrances of people, activities and stories that we cherish. The above image, by Sylvia Cook, who is known on Instagram as slcook52, conveys those feelings through its evocation of an evergreen tree, lights and ornaments.

The fact that Sylvia chose to photograph several blue ornaments from her collection is a hint of the delightful color palette that winds and weaves its way throughout Sylvia's Instagram feed. There you'll find pops of pastel blue, aqua and various other pastel colors, firmly grounded within the on-trend background of white walls, furniture and other decor. And Sylvia's blog Inspirations, provides a wider contextual view of the color and texture elements shared in her Instagram feed. Sylvia recently blogged her 'Christmas Home Tour 2016', which featured her bedroom, family room, living room, kitchen, and a hot cocoa bar which I'm sure her grandchildren loved. My personal favorite is the family room tour, where Sylvia's passion for "retro/vintage" and the color aqua are clearly shown, and where you can see more of her gorgeous and colorful vintage ornament collection.

Sylvia's many endeavors include not one, but three Instagram hashtag projects: #vivalavignettetuesday, #mycottageinstincts, and #mypastelcharm. And her boundless photographic creativity can also be found in Sylvia's Etsy shop Vintage Chic Images where you can find shabby-chic floral fine art prints, shower curtains, and phone covers in the pastel colors she so dearly loves. An even larger selection of art prints and home decor items can be found in Sylvia's Society 6 shop Sylvia Cook Photography and also in her Kess In House shop. And for portrait photography, visit Sylvia's website, also known as Sylvia Cook Photography.

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to know more about #collectandstyle, you can find out all the details in my blog post #collectandstyle - A New Instagram Hashtag. See you there on Instagram, as well as later this month here on my Collect And Style Monthly Favorite blogpost!

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