Thursday, March 19, 2020

Flattening The Curve, Day 1

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Hello Friends. Today is my first day of quarantine due to the COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) pandemic currently sweeping the globe. In my real life I am a State of Oregon employee and have been put on mandatory paid leave. My daughter has been employed at the same restaurant for the last three years and lost her job when all restaurants were ordered to close. My elderly mother lives in a skilled nursing facility and visitors have been barred since March 11th.

Like many of you I have been searching for ways in which to cope with this situation. I knew my mandatory leave was inevitable and had been given notice that it would happen, but until that moment came I really had no idea how I would react. When the time came yesterday for me to officially leave my worksite, I had mixed feelings of relief and trepidation at the same time. Relieved that my state is acknowledging that there is a problem and trepidation at not really knowing what is going to happen.

So when I got home yesterday, I decided the best route was to stick with my usual routine of a 5 o'clock coffee and a bit of creative time, then a shower and dinner. With some time to wind down and think, I decided to make a list of things to do while quarantined. With many stores and restaurants closed, and minimal shopping trips, it seems to make sense that as long as I am feeling healthy and well that I should look to activities around the house and garden that I would normally do anyway. The next order of business was a good night's sleep.

I woke up at the same time I always do on a work day - 6:15. By 6:18 I was up and dressed and headed out the door to walk to the local Safeway to see if they had any toilet paper.

What's with the toilet paper hoarders anyway?

I bought one package - which I will be sharing.

Today is a new day in a strange time. So I'm showing up here and will try to do so every day as long as I am well and in quarantine. Right now I don't know what I will talk about or share. It could be just a photo like the one opening this post (BTW, happy Spring to all in the Northern Hemisphere! Robin Redbreast photo by Jim, taken a few days ago.) or perhaps a collage project I'm working on.

I have been encouraged by some of my favorite podcasters to use this time as an opportunity to take care of myself and my loved ones and to fill my time with home-based activities that help to contribute to flattening the curve. For instance, on Spark Joy Kristyn and Karen are sharing tips on KonMari and Staying Healthy at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Andy J Pizza of the Creative Pep Talk Podcast is talking about How to Know Where to Focus Your Creative Energy by way of a remote retreat using social distancing as a metaphorical cocoon for creative development.

Stay well friends and family and I will do my best to be back tomorrow.

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