Sunday, March 22, 2020

Flattening the Curve, Day 4

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Good Sunday morning everyone! I hope you are healthy, well and able to function in some manner that is somewhat close to your normal life. I'm in day 4 of my mandatory leave from my job due to the corona virus (COVID-19).

Yesterday as I sat here writing to you during day 3, I was feeling a bit despondent about the current state of affairs in the world, in my country, and in my town and neighborhood. I then took some much needed time to sit in the sunshine in my backyard with my lunch and then took a power nap. Just 20 minutes or so and my brain literally readjusted itself and I felt so much better and I was able to adjust my attitude as well!

Early yesterday morning I made several phone calls to the various stores we frequent. My goal was to find out which stores were offering 'senior shopping'. It's not surprising that new language would creep into our daily life - COVID, corona virus, covfefe - and as you may know, senior shopping and shopping for our vulnerable population have both crept into the lexicon of this unique time in our history.

Sure enough, Safeway, Market of Choice and Target are all offering this service now. But I was disappointed to learn that Trader Joe's is not. In fact, the woman I spoke with said they are only allowing 25 people in the store at a time. Thanks hoarders.

Trader Joe's is our family's mainstay. We buy probably 80 percent of our groceries there. The ingredients are natural and foods TASTE really good. You get a lot of variety - a 'world flavors' kind of experience. And the best part is that the prices are very reasonable. You don't feel like you are compromising health and nutrition for price.

So we were all bummed out about it and then Jim had the idea to try going last night one hour before closing which is now 7 p.m. - two hours earlier than back when everyday life was normal. He promised me that if there was a crowd and lots of people waiting to get in the store that he would not wait and leave. Well, who knows if it was just a lucky moment in time or if folks had slacked off their shopping but there was no line and the staff were not restricting the number of people in the store at all. In fact, Jim told me, there were probably less than 25 people inside (hello social distancing!) and he came home with three bags of groceries!

Well, before I sign off I just wanted to mention that my daughter Audrey is doing a bang up job on her new life in survival mode. She is a professional cook and was laid off her job when the restaurants were ordered to close. She has been filling her freezer with home made soup, curry, and quick bread (so far) and her Instagram Stories have been rockin' all the steps in those processes. She also posted the info-graphic at the top of this post and shared it with me and so I am sharing it here. I think we all need this right now! Thank you Audrey!


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