Monday, April 27, 2020

Flattening the Curve, Day 40

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Hello friends. Today is the fortieth day of my mandatory leave from my government job due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Like so many of you, our family has been quarantined under a stay at home order and I've been documenting my thoughts, feelings and experiences here on the blog since the first day I was mandated to stay home.

Do you have a loved one living at a care-giving center? I do. My elderly mom lives in a skilled nursing home in my neighborhood. I have not been able to visit her since March 11th when they stopped allowing visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Today I went there to deliver a bouquet of flowers and a card to my mom. These gifts are allowed however I had to ring a bell at the entrance and a staff member came and accepted the items for my mom. Of course I wore the mask I made and safety gloves. 

I was going to say hello to mom through the window in her room but she was in the dining room having her lunch and the windows there are too high off the ground for me to see her. So I will try that again soon. But I was able to refill the bird feeders Jim and I had placed outside of mom's window back in February. I think next I am going to plant some flowers in the flower box which is also outside her window. The nursing home usually does that in summer but now is a better time, right?

Well, that's all I have for today. I do hope if you have a loved one being cared for somewhere that you are able to, at the very least, send in a greeting of some kind.

Till next time. 

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