Thursday, April 9, 2020

Flattening the Curve, Day 22

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Flatten The Curve
Hello and welcome to quarantine day number twenty-two due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As I mentioned yesterday, our family has, at last, settled into this new and unexpected Stay Home, Stay Safe living arrangement. Between scrambling for information about my status with my employer and looking for clarity on what to do (and what not to do) and what to expect, of course there was no time to think about anything else.

But now that I have become more organized and accustomed to the situation, there is time to think about how I can approach my collage work and organize my thoughts into action. The work above, entitled Flatten The Curve, is my first experiment with this new reality we have found ourselves in.

We all now know that time is a huge element in the success of the stay at home orders that have been implemented around the world, so I decided to utilize several forms of time keeping devices to express that.

The personality of the young woman featured has a kind of practicality that seems to make sense for the situation. And of course I fashioned her a mask, since wearing one is the other equally important way to help curb the spread of the coronavirus infection. I stamped C-19 on it using my vintage alpha stamps.

And the rug the young woman is kneeling on? My impression was that with its circular shape, color red and barbed-looking outer edge, it has an eerie resemblance to the actual coronavirus.

I think the crow or raven has the same symbolism everywhere. I don't mean for it to be as ominous as some may think. They are actually very smart birds with long term memory.

And I learned on that "tulip flowers can help to bring a sense of hope and encouragement to families that have loved someone very important to them and it can help to quench their bleeding soul" and that "This flower will help to remove every heavy burden that is on them and it will help to give them a chance for what lies ahead of them." I couldn't help but think of all the people who have lost loved ones and friends in this terrible epidemic and so I incorporated tulips into the composition. My heart goes out to all those that have lost dear ones.

Thanks for reading and see you again soon.


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