Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vintage Finds: A Touch Of Gold!

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April, Spring, and Saturday - what could be better? I'm excited to share with you three vintage house ware items, all found within the last month. Although diverse in their manufacturing origins, all of these share certain design elements that make them well suited to display together.

Are you familiar with Daher Decorated Ware (the serving bowl on the left)? I only recently became aware of Daher when I found another of their pieces at a charity shop about a month ago and later discovered that the company made tins, trays and bowls in England from the 1940s to the 1970s. I spotted this bowl more recently at a different charity shop, and its design and the colors used immediately caught my eye. This piece, with its beautiful nature inspired Asian theme, was destined to come home with me!

The other two items, the Wales three footed tea cup and the Napcoware bird-themed decorative plate, are both made in Japan. I'm particularly keen on the organic, flower inspired shape of the cup, and the plate features not just any bird, but a three dimensional Gold Finch to be precise (birds are my favorite animal of all time). You may have already seen how I've styled these two items on Instagram.

Up until now, for something to be collectable, for me, an item must not only be vintage, but preferably also made in Japan. As a plus, a piece might also have either a depiction of the natural world, or a symbolic representation of nature, as well as the more subtle feelings of beauty, character or perfection. Or even a lack of perfection: think wabi-sabi.

Although made in England, the Daher bowl reminded me of all those qualities, and when I realized that all three items were so very well suited to each other in style, theme and color, as well as having details in gold that tied them together in my mind's eye, I just had to take a photo of the three together, and share it with you!

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