Saturday, March 26, 2016

Origami Easter Eggs

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Several years ago, before I had a blog, I crafted a dozen origami Easter eggs. Ever since then, I've enjoyed displaying them every spring because they hold some very special memories for me.

I remember that day well; my son was still a toddler and he became very entertained when he saw me emptying the eggs. To Takeo, this was the funniest thing ever - he stood beside me and watched while I took a deep breath and then expelled the contents of each egg, and laughed and laughed. For him, there was nothing funnier in the whole world than that; of course he also wanted to do it, and we had even more laughs as we both blew into the eggs. 

Perhaps next year I'll make a new set of eggs and show you the process. Have a happy Easter and spring or autumn season, wherever in the world you are!


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