Sunday, April 10, 2016

#collectandstyle - A New Instagram Hashtag

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Hi Friends! Are you a collector? If you are, and you have an Instagram account, come join my new hashtag - #collectandstyle! We'll be looking for colorful styled vintage, antique, or new collections: Have you recently purchased a new coffee or tea cup? Maybe you were out over the weekend at an antique store and found some lovely spoons, postcards or letters? Perhaps you went thrifting and happened to find the coolest vintage books, and you're dying to share them? Style them up and share your collecting passion! Each weekend I'll post four of my favorite images on Instagram and at the end of each month I'll feature my favorite hashtag image here on my blog. So visit me on Instagram, check out my new hashtag, #collectandstyle, and don't forget to say hello!


1 comment

  1. I am a collector and I am on Instagram, so I will definitely share one of my vintage finds! I love this 'bonbonniere', it is just my colour and you styled it beautifully!


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