Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Big Send with Vote Forward

The Big Send with Vote Forward graphic which encourages volunteers to write letters to registered voters encouraging them to vote in the upcoming election.

Friends, an important election is coming up here in the United States and I would like to invite my fellow cititzens to join me in writing non-partisan letters to registered voters.

It's very easy.  Just go to, create an account, 'adopt' voters to write your letters to and start writing. The guideline is easy - write a short sentence or two telling the recipient why you vote.

Here's a few examples of what I am writing in my letters:

(I vote because) "I want to live in a society where our collective voices are heard, honored, and respected."

(I vote because) "I want to live in a society where the people can elect officials that will represent us in our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness."

(I vote because) "democracy protects the people from potential harm and its goals are to move the country towards equality and freedom for all."

You can write as few as five letters or as many as you can. 'The Big Send', or date the letters will be mailed, is October 29th.

I hope you will consider participating in helping to boost voter turnout for 2022!


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