Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Flattening the Curve, Day 56

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Hello friends. Today is my fifty-sixth day of mandatory leave from my government job due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and soon I may have some idea about when I might be going back to work. Each county in Oregon must petition to reopen but certain health and safety standards must be met in order for that to happen. So, we'll see.

I started repurposing the Boorum & Pease Miniature Account Book (above) several months ago as a fun project to capture some memories of my growing up years. (I wrote about this in Day 2.) The idea came to me as I was paging through several National Geographic magazines from the 1970s and realizing that I could relate to the images of many of the girls and women depicted. I began cutting those images out from the magazines and accumulated a good amount of them to start assembling the collage journal.

As so many of us do, I turned to the internet to look for inspiration for how to approach my journal. That is how I found Helen Colebrook's YouTube channel. Helen uses a standard travelers notebook, which is a very hot item in the memory keeping and journaling camps right now, to create her pages. I like how Helen uses the same basic tools and techniques on each page, yet every page looks different. I also became enamored of her use of an old fashioned calligraphy pen.

Because I also like to scrapbook, I have quite a lot of supplies, so all I did was 'shop' my own stash, buy a calligraphy set and get to work. I have several pages made and ready for the journaling. The photo you see above is me practicing with the calligraphy pen.

So my plan is to show you one page from my collage journal each day or every few days as I will continue posting my other collage work as well and any other stories that may come up.

With that, have a good night and see you tomorrow.


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