Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Art Show

Two Women No. 2, collage, African sculpture, vintage newspaper cut out, antique postage stamps, antique photo frame, book cut images, black and red snake, red flowers, snap dragons

Recently a local art gallery, The New Zone Artists Collective, held an open call for submissions to artists working in any medium for their upcoming spring show. I usually contribute at least one piece for the gallery's semi-annual shows, but I haven't shared too many of them here on the blog. So, today I'm stepping a bit out of my comfort zone to share a collage I created for New Zone's show. 

My interest in the history of the Modern Art movement has led me down many paths; I've read stacks of library books, visited art museums, took some painting classes, and have written a few blog posts about my interest in art. With each journey, I've come away with new knowledge: an education that ultimately helps me not only explore the endless variety of artist's mediums and methods, but also to solidify my own art style, in particular, collage. 

Being a collector of, well, almost anything, I've accumulated a large variety of fascinating ephemera, or collectible memorabilia, from different eras. The older the better! The fun and challenging part of collage is to create a piece of art out of seemingly unrelated bits, and I find that I love working with bits of printed material from the past. 

I've written blog posts about my interest in African art, in particular sculpture, and that interest is expressed in the collage I'm now sharing with you: Two Women, No. 2. In this piece I've combined an antique pressed paper photo frame, with postage stamps, also antique, and various images hand cut from a newspaper and some old books. Since I'm also concerned with the role of women in society and culture, that is why I've brought these two images of women together. This is the second in a series with that theme, and I plan on executing more in the future.

Here's a closer look at this piece of collage:
Two Women No. 2, collage, African sculpture, antique photo frame, antique postage stamps, black and red snake, red flowers, snap dragons, paper, scissors, glue
Two Women, No. 2
This coming Friday will be the opening night for the show. There will be a city sponsored First Friday Art Walk, music, wine and snacks. I'm looking forward to seeing what other members of our art community have created.    

Thanks for reading, and if you also enjoy making art, I would love to hear from you!


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