Monday, July 13, 2015

Magical Moments Through The Lens

Takeō explores Vista House (built in 1917) at Crown Point, on the rim of the Columbia River Gorge:
Vista House, 1917, Crown Point, Columbia River, Oregon, Pacific Northwest

Takeō meets a dinosaur from prehistoric China at Portland's Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry (also known as OMSI):
Prehistoric Chinese dinosaur, Chinese dinosaur, dinosaur from China, Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry, OMSI, Portland Oregon, Portland Oregon OMSI, Portland Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

Takeō and Maxfield watch the fish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport:
Oregon Coast Aquarium, aquarium, aquatic fish, Newport Oregon Aqurium

All photos taken with either a Lumix L1 or a Lumix TZ-3 in 2008.  Click or tap on any picture to see larger images.

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