Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Garden: Lilies

calla lily, lily, pink, pink calla lily, pink lily

    Recently I talked about the splashes of color in my garden when some early summer lilies bloomed (link here), and now, before the summer completely slips away, I would like to share more of these favorite flowers of mine.  The blooming time for each of these three varieties shown is very short - just a few weeks from bursting buds to fragrant blooms to a faded memory.  One reason why I am passionate about photography is because things can change so fast, and it's nice to have a record of those changes.  
The Calla Lily above is one that I purchased as a potted start, and it has been growing slowly, yet steadily, for three years.  The cluster of leaves that grow out of the ground has definitely gotten bigger, and I see one or two flower blooms every summer. 

These two Oriental Summer Wine blooms, below, came from a variety package I planted last year, and I am happy to report that all six not only managed to grow, but bloomed as well. And although they are fragrant, their scent is no comparison to the Star Gazer Lily. 

Oriental Summer Wine Lily, Oriental Lily, Oriental, Lily, white lily, White Oriental Summer Wine Lily
Oriental Summer Wine Lily, lily, pink lily, Pink Oriental Summer Wine Lily, Summer Wine,

The Star Gazer, below, another of the Oriental-type lilies, has that wonderful scent that I've come to think of as a quintessential fragrance of summer, along with the Night Blooming Jasmine that my mother had in her garden when I was young.  So, if you're looking to add a romantic fragrance to your garden, look no further than this beauty.  If you look very closely, you can also see the spider that surprised me by its ability to mimic this flower; you can read about that experience here.

Star Gazer Lily, Oriental Star Gazer Lily, Pink Star Gazer Lily, Pink Oriental Star Gazer Lily, Pink Lily
Thanks for stopping by!  My plans for upcoming posts include Pocket Scrapbooking, Summer Garden: Dahlias, and Exercises In Collage.  See you again soon! 


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