Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Wedding - Kaede Gets Married

Last night we returned home from a trip to Seattle to attend the wedding of my step-daughter, Kaede.  She and Joey were married in a quaint art gallery space in a ceremony that was a perfect blend of solemnity and lightheartedness; ceremonial in nature, yet uplifting in spirit.

A happy event such as this takes me down memory lane; from where we are to where we've been. Join me for a moment on a little side trip while I remember this very special young woman when she entered my life:
Jimmy, Kaede, June, Big Thompson Canyon Colorado, Rosedale

Kaede's dad Jimmy and I lived in a little cabin called 'Rosedale' in Colorado's Big Thompson Canyon during the mid-1980's.  Kaede stayed with us on many occasions, and on the weekends when her dad was working playing music, we spent a lot of time together.  You might say that this played a fundamental part in our getting to know each other.  I have many fond memories of reading, art projects, tea parties, dress-up and scrambled eggs with cheese.  She loved wearing dresses and her favorite color was pink.  She was smart, funny, imaginative, observant and very, very sweet!  Oh, and she loved animals, both the real and the pretend kind.  Here are a few more of the moments I caught on film:
Visiting a farm in Eaton, CO - August 23rd, 1986 - Age 5

Kaede, June
An Easter Sunday in 1986 - Age 6

Kaede, Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado
Big Thompson Canyon, July 1989 - Age 8
In the late summer of 1989 Kaede moved with her mom, step-dad and siblings to another state.  I was very sad to see her go, and it was always a happy time when she would come back to Colorado for visits:
Kaede, Emily
Kaede, almost 10 years & Emily, 3 months - July 1991

Kaede and Emily - July 4th, 1996 - Kaede 14 & Emily 5
Several years have gone by now, and well, we all know how life moves at such a fast pace and we tend to be busier and busier... but this past weekend, I was happy to make the trip, slow down, and take in the event, one moment at a time.  Watching Kaede walk down the aisle, confident and engaging, made me feel so proud to know her.  So, thanks Kaede, for being awesome, for reminding me that life's celebratory moments are really what we live for.  Congratulations, and I wish you and Joey every happiness!
Kaede on her wedding day - May 24th, 2014


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