Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Garden - Candy Tuft, Peony, Strawberry and Camas

At this time of year, the garden seems to change on an almost daily basis.  One day you notice something popping up out of the earth, then before you know it, there are buds and blooms everywhere. Here's a few glimpses into what I've been noticing in my garden:

Candy Tuft
The candy tuft above did not return this year as hardily as in the past, with only a few rich blooms.  This, and my dracaena, which did not come back at all, may have been affected by the freezing winter temperatures. But the peony below, which has been in my garden for two seasons now and has not produced any flowers, will be debuting some very soon.  I'm excited about that!

PeonyThe strawberries will be plentiful again this summer.  This is one of the first blooms:

And lastly, I purchased this camas at a plant fair two springs ago, and this year, it has spread from one plant to three.  Soon these beautiful purple buds will be starry bluish-purple flowers:

 I hope you've enjoyed this garden glimpse, and thank you for looking!


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