Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chronicle Books Seed Keeper - Organize, Record and Store

I received this seed keeper as a gift recently (thanks Mom and Joyce!) and am excited to share how I am using it!

seed keeper, seed storage, seed organizer,
If you've read any of my previous postings, particularly my Welcome page, then you know I am fond of memory keeping and scrapbooking. As soon as I saw this organizer I knew I would be pulling out my supplies to personalize it.  For the cover, I added some number stickers for the year and a photo that I mounted on cardstock. The photo I used was from the previous year's garden, in keeping with the theme of vegetables scattered around the outside cover. 

On the inside front cover, I used rub-ons to add my name and that crown, and glued in some die-cut butterflies.  For the seed packet keepers I used a black pen to write (in cursive, which I still love) the names of the plants, and stamped the 'date purchased' with a date stamper:  

rub-ons, die-cuts, black inkflow pen, date stamper, Calendula Ball's Improved Change
On the back of each seed keeper I stamped the date the seeds were planted, and wrote a few descriptive words from the seed packet backs:  

seed organizer, seed keeper, seed storage, Sweet Pea Henry Eckford
The are several pages of gardening tips and some gardening resources followed by this page for notes, which I have been using to keep track of the events in my garden (I added the '2014' stickers):

seed organizer, seed keeper, gardening notes
And lastly, I recycled an envelope by gluing it into the back cover so I have a place for the photographs I'm taking this season:

garden notes, garden snapshots, garden photos, garden photographs
garden notes, garden snapshots, garden pics, garden photographs
I hope you've enjoyed this tour of my seed keeper book.  If you are interested in any of the supplies I've used or would like to know more about the seed keeper book, leave me a comment!  Thanks for looking!

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