Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#collectandstyle - January Monthly Favorite

Hello, #collectandstyle community, and thank you so much for visiting Under The Plum Blossom Tree blog. I'm excited that you're here, and thrilled to share with you the #collectandstyle January Monthly Favorite image.

The world of styling, on both a professional and a personal level, is a fascinating activity. There are many of us on Instagram who admire stylists who have the ability to cultivate a distinctive way of approaching the art of arrangement with a clear visual voice, and firmly grounded within their own unique practice of styling.

Instagrammer Tamsyn Morgans of Norfolk, United Kingdom, is a professional interior and prop stylist, whose love for renovating a run-down Victorian terrace coalesced her hobby and her career into the well loved blog she named The Villa On Mount Pleasant. This passion project led Tamsyn to enjoy "inspiring readers to make their home a beautiful place to live." A self professed thrifting addict, Tamsyn believes in "giving a new lease of life to vintage furniture and flea market treasure, reusing and repurposing, and weaving them in with modern homeware." 

The recent purchase of a mug at Anthropologie prompted a styled photo shoot; her use of vivid colors and interesting textures in the above vignette point to her impressive talent as a stylist, making evident her love of mixing vintage and modern home wares.

As well, Tamsyn's flair for consistent and chic style, whether viewing her personal or professional work, is noticeable throughout all of her various media platforms. No matter if you are reading her blog or her content on the social media channels, you will recognize Tamsyn's distinct pastel-colored style. Indeed, your heart will warm upon seeing how she employs textures like velvet, paper, fabrics, vintage china and flowers. And let's not forget her use of beautiful things that sparkle such as sequins, Christmas baubles and fairy lights.

Additionally, Tamsyn has collaborated with an impressive list of companies including Laura Ashley, Liberty Fabrics and Bloom and Wild. And last year she was shortlisted for the prestigious Amara Interior Blog Awards and her gorgeous home was featured in Country Living Magazine. The light filled rooms and treasure trove of vintage props that make up Tamsyn's home are also available as a shoot location for photography and filming through the agency East Coast Production.

After viewing the delightful world of Tamsyn Morgans, and finding yourself in love with her style, there's good news! You can also shop the things she loves right from her website. And if you live in the UK Norfolk area, Tamsyn and Katie of the blog The Vintage House That Could will be offering a Decorative Vintage Styling Workshop.

Besides Instagram and her blog, there are several other options for following Tamsyn; you'll find her on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin', and Pinterest.

Thank you for visiting Under The Plum Blossom Tree, and I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Tamsyn Morgans. 

If you would like to join in with #collectandstyle on Instagram, you can read all the details in my introductory blogpost #collectandstyle - A New Instagram Hashtag. I hope to see you there!


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  1. Hi June, thank you so much for such a lovely feature, I love it! I hope you have a wonderful day! Best wishes, Tamsyn xx


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