Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kawaii Corner: Ries Japan Hand Decorated Figurine

Ries Japan, Hand Decorated, kawaii, Ries figurine, cute, Made in Japan

Of the various characteristics that make up the Japanese style of cuteness known as 'Kawaii' (originally translated as 'radiant face', this now means 'lovable'), the most recognizable, and the best loved, is big eyes. Child-like features such as large eyes, along with a high forehead, wide cheeks, and a proportionally smaller nose and mouth increase the cuteness factor, as well as stimulate our desire to care for, and care about, animals and other humans with these unique features.

Ries Japan, Hand Decorated, kawaii, cute, Made in Japan, Ries figurine

And if you ask me, if your kitty (wait - is this a kitty? Or a tall thin lion cub?) is wearing an attractive red polka-dotted bow tie, and is resting its plump head on its curvy tail in an endearing 'look at me!' pose, well, it just can't get any cuter! Our loveable little friend definitely wants to stand out in a crowd.

This adorable Kawaii figurine still has a sticker on the bottom that says "Ries Japan" and "Hand Decorated." The only thing missing is whatever little charm or tag was attached to the wire ring under the bow tie.

Thanks for meeting me here on 'Kawaii Corner', and we'll see you again soon!


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