Thursday, October 30, 2014

Styling The Seasons - October

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    October and Halloween are a big deal at my house.  My kids love Halloween, with the costumes, trick-or-treating, and time spent with friends.  And candy.  For me, it's a great excuse to haul out the boxes of decorations and find new and different ways to use them each year.   

This post is about one of the two surfaces in my home that are reserved for my collectibles and other treasures that I enjoy looking at.  I also use these surfaces to place items I am currently fascinated with, usually a new thrift store find, or as a place for greeting cards and other memorabilia.  This mantle is in my living room, and I enjoy the idea of creating a themed statement that is in keeping with the season.  Tag along and I'll tell you about these items.  

style, design, mantle, styled surface, surface, Halloween, My Mind's Eye garland, swedish candleholders, Pearl Grey Fiestaware

The pair of mid-century candlesticks in the above photo were thrifted and are made in Sweden of black painted wood.  The small vase holding the black faux foliage is a piece of Fiesta ware; this style of vase is still being made by Homer Laughlin, but the color, pearl grey, has been retired.  The black bird is from the craft store, and the orange and black striped candle was found at a local charity shop.

style, design, surface, styled surface, mantle, Halloween, danish candleholders, vintage, vintage owls, Hong Kong owls, My Mind's Eye paper banner

Another pair of 1950s candle holders!  These are made in Denmark of cast metal.  And that little owl is another thrift store find - on the bottom it's marked 'Hong Kong'.

style, design, styled surface, surface, mantle, BOO, Halloween, vintage, vintage pumpkin, My Mind's Eye paper banner

The 'BOO' sign is made from real wood, and fairly new for a thrifted item.  That cute pumpkin, made of plaster, is also from a second hand store, and is very old.  And last but not least, I made the banner with scrapbook paper, paper punches and trim.

style, design, styled surface, surface, mantle, midcentry modern, My Mind's Eye paper banner, swedish candleholders, danish candleholders, Halloween

My goal was to create a styled surface with some autumnal color that celebrates the season, as well as the holiday of Halloween, utilizing my collectibles and seasonal items.

Thanks for taking this little tour with me through my styled mantle.  If you would like to know more about Styling The Seasons, visit Katy Orme of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts And Lots.  See you next time!


  1. Ooo great decs! Love the bunting.

  2. I love that each item has a real story behind it. Thank you so much for taking part, I hope October has been a good to you x

    1. Stories, yes! I love how collectively, these items tell the story of today, and how next October, that story will change, depending on the items I will choose then.

  3. Hi June,

    thats a lovely styled mantle you have. And I especially love the lamp next to the couch, gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Janneke! The lamp has three lights, and those funny wooden handles on the tops of each are the on/off switches.


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